Few regions in America can equal the rich literary history of San Francisco and its surrounding areas with authors such as Bret Harte, Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson, Isadora Duncan, Jack London, Robinson Jeffers, Dashiell Hammett, John Steinbeck, William Saroyan, Henry Miller, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and others.  Realms of Gold: the Colorful Writers of San Francisco 1850-1950 gives us a fresh look at the lives of these writers and portrays the development of the city from a Gold Rush boom town through its rapid growth as a commercial port and rail head, its destruction in 1906, its rebirth, to its post-World War II status as a major urban center.

California State Librarian, Dr. Kenneth Starr, wrote, "The flamboyant literary history of San Francisco has fascinated scholars and critics since the turn of the century.  In Realms of Gold, George Rathmell takes a distinguished place in the roster of those who have chronicled the special relationship between San Francisco and its writers.  Here is a vivid and compelling story, solidly researched and told with a verve and wealth of detail worthy of its ever intriguing subject."

Jean Sherrell, Editor of The Californians, wrote, "Absolutely wonderful!  The reader is drawn into the 'realms of gold' and savors San Francisco's mercurial ambiance in this entertaining account of the literati drawn to the city by the bay."

President of the San Francisco Historical Society, Charles A. Fracchia, said, "George Rathmell has written a superb and charming narrative of San Francisco's past.  The reader will surrender to his fast-paced and exciting prose and not wish to put the book down once he or she has started it."

Realms of Gold is available at or your local independent bookstore.  A signed and dedicated copy may be ordered from the author by sending a check for $18.00 to:  George Rathmell, PO Box 98, The Sea Ranch, CA 95497.  Tax and shipping are included.  Please be sure to include your mailing addresss. 

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