Articles by George Rathmell
published in
The Nob Hill Gazette

8/98   Bret Harte, and the Patronage of a Lady

9/98   Mark Twain, Fame and Fortune?

12/98 The Bohemian Club, Soft Carpets and Smooth Cigars

3/99   Joaquin Miller, Pretense Conquers All

5/99   Robert Louis Stevenson, the Impossible Romance

9/99   Ina Coolbrith, Passions and Poetry

10/99 John Muir, the Downright Naturalist

11/99 The Ghirardellis, Turning Chocolate to Gold

12/99 Frank Norris, Novels and Nostalgia

4/00   Gelett Burgess, Goops and Purple Cows

5/00   Banking on the Hellmans, Community Dynamos

9/00   All in the Jeans, the Legacy of Levi Strauss

10/00 Filoli, a Tale of Two Families

11/00 The Sutro Family, Books and Baths

12/00 Tetrazzini, an Unforgettable Christmas

1/01   Hills Brothers, that San Francisco Aroma

4/01   The De Young Clan, Newsprint and Gunpowder

6/01   Shooting the Bride, SF Takes the Cake

9/01   The Spice Boys, Schillings and Volkmanns

10/01 A. P. Giannini, the People’s Banker

4/02   The Fleishhackers, Five Generations of Caring

5/02   The Verdier Family, the City of Paris

9/04   Kenneth Rexroth, Rebel with Many Causes

4/05   The Huntingtons

9/05   Easton Neston, and the San Francisco Connection

10/05 Music & Mansions, Leander Sherman

11/05 Business on Montgomery

12/05 Baker Street Journey

3/06   Bush Street, San Francisco’s French Quarter

4/06   Scandal, Murder, and the Corner of Bush and Montgomery

5/06   North Beach Now and Then

9/06   Discovering Columbus

11/06  Little Italy

1/07  The Dark Secret:  Leidesdorff Alley

4/07   Patron Saint of the Park

5/07   Rags to Riches to Rites:  Nob Hill
9/07   The Power of a Painting

10/07 (?)  Two Blocks of San Francisco History:  Maiden Lane

11/07  Teetotaler’s Tribute Tumbled:  California and Market

3/08    A Russian Accent in the Richmond

4/08    Laura White

5/08    Julia Morgan’s San Francisco Legacy

7/08    California Society of Pioneers

8/08    Alma, the Soul of San Francisco

10/08   Beniamino Bufano

1/09    San Francisco’s Literary Chinese

5/09    Serial Murders in the Bay Area

9/09    California’s Early Anglos

10/09  Green Street Excursion

6/10    San Francisco’s Oldest Restaurant:  Tadich Grill 

10/11  The Tomboy Debutante:  Lillie Hitchcock Coit

10/11  Boudin:  Our Daily Sourdough

11/11  Sam’s Grill

12/11  George Sterling


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